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We work on the forefront of innovation and technology to take products from an idea all the way to the end consumer.


Data Infrastructure Architecture

No business can succeed in our modern digitalized and more and more data driven world without the right foundation of a reliable and flexible infrastructure. Business cases can be very different but one thing remains: the need for reliability, security and adaptability in a high availability context. Challenges such as scaling, streamlined deployment and value generating analytics of technical inputs such as in an SIEM (security incident and event management) or BI (business intelligence) approach are vital for future infrastructures. We at idatase are happy to assist you in the process of building up the future technological foundation of your business.


Data Infrastructure Automation

May it be a vast IoT environment or a busy production side, may it be a worldwide IT infrastructure or a city wide grid: idatase will help u analyze, design and automate your processes for specific projects or for constantly repeating technical or business related processes and workflows. We have proven the effectiveness of our approach through many projects and various use cases which last but not least cumulated in our analytics and automation framework NetLume for industrial networks and our migration framework for IT-Infrastructures.


Data Infrastructure Migration

We at idatase know that the best technological know-how and the best data structure will mean nothing if they are not based in a well-organized environment with the right processes, workflows and interfaces. idatase is the right choice for gaining that mix of flexibility, stability and performance of your data infrastructure and keeping it up-to-date in a seamless fashion through our know how of technology and business related migration processes and with the use of our constantly evolving and adaptable migration analytics framework. Whatever is the right and necessary next step: outsourcing, insourcing or just a technology shift, idatase is the right partner on your side.


Data Analytics Enabling

If you are an SME, Startup or big corporate, idatase is your right partner to identify the right strategy, technology and methodology to maximize the potential of data driven approaches for your company. We help you to not only get a momentary glimpse through a singular data analytics project but rather add our knowledge of technology to your domain knowledge to enable you to transfer your business into a constantly active data driven environment and gain your own insides, optimize your own processes or generate new business by offering your own new services to others.


Data Analytics Innovation

Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics…many old industries are in a transformational phase, many new arise. In these times it is essential to be fast and innovate quicker and more efficient than others. With our knowledge and experience in the field of infrastructure analytics, analytics of industrial networked systems and data analytics in general as well as our deep rooted understanding of lean innovation approaches and methods, we are the perfect partner to discover new innovative business cases with. We are excited to work with startups, corporates or public institutions, we will find the right individual package and approach to kick-start to new frontiers together and come up with scalable solutions that will rejuvenate your business!


Data Analytics Piloting

You heard about Big Data Analytics, but you are not yet really sure if it is for your business? You have a general idea, that data driven approaches should be the way forward for you company but you don’t really know how to make use of them? You want to discover how to generate value through data analytics for specified use cases in your industry? With our streamlined and adaptable value discovery approach we at idatase would love to engage together in that journey and help you avoid simple mistakes and inject the necessary technology know-how to achieve an efficient but sustainable answer to your questions and be well prepared for the way forward.


idatase GmbH and the services it offers are built upon long-standing experience in the IT market and a distinct scientific background.
Our international team and perspective is perfectly suited for a worldwide economy. Projects and partnerships spreading all over the globe help us understand quickly evolving trends and technologies and we always review our own technologies and processes to constantly be prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.
idatase GmbH has a proven expertise in data processing and analysis. Starting from a profound understanding of the infrastructural foundation we employ an innovative and always up-to-date view on efficient real time or buffered pre-processing of oftentimes massive amounts of data. Through an inherent in-depth analysis of technology, economy, social or business oriented interactions and structures, we are able to create a better understanding of ongoing processes.A steady scientific influx through our close ties to academia and own R&D efforts always guarantees an ideal use of gathered information through mathematical and statistical modeling as well as intelligent and adaptive algorithmic.
And all of the above just for one defined goal: To help you reach an optimal understanding of your business environment and needs.

The Innovation of Data Processing